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Unveiling Timeless Romance: The Deisy Gee Modern Symphony

Celebrate love in all its vibrant glory with this captivating Deisy Gee "A Modern Symphony". This historically inspired arrangement, curated by our talented designer Deisy Gee, is a glorious expression of romance and commitment.

Bursting with an exquisite selection of fresh-cut blooms, each meticulously chosen for its symbolic meaning and captivating beauty:

  • Elegant tulips, symbolizing perfect love and new beginnings.
  • Luxurious peonies, representing elegance, prosperity, and happy marriage.
  • Romantic roses, the universal symbol of love and passion, in a stunning array of colors.
  • Delicate ranunculus, adding a touch of whimsical charm with their layered petals.
  • Everlasting strawflowers, symbolizing enduring love and loyalty.
  • Adorable miniroses, offering a touch of sweetness in various hues.
  • Cheerful daisies, representing innocence and purity.
  • Lush hydrangeas, symbolizing abundance and gratitude.
  • Enchanting anemones, signifying anticipation and protection.
  • Fragrant sweet alyssum, representing devotion and affection.
  • Majestic delphinium, symbolizing hope and new beginnings.

Exquisite chocolates, nestled amongst the blooms, add a touch of indulgence and delight. Lush greenery completes the arrangement, providing a natural backdrop that complements the vibrant colors.

This breathtaking arrangement is the perfect way to express your deepest feelings on any special occasion.


Order your Deisy Gee "A Modern Symphony" today and let love bloom!

A Modern Symphony

SKU: DGDModern
  • Because we use the freshest seasonal blooms, the exact colors and varieties might vary, but the essence of timeless love and romance is always guaranteed.

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